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There is a lot we could write about concerning the quality of our products. We guarantee that our products are of highest standard and we are continually striving to improving.

The finished product is dependent on all stages of the process, from the quality of the kiln drying (each of our two factories have their own drying kiln) to the standard of the production machinery.

BUT, before the production can begin we need a very high standard of raw material. The timber used for hand-logged production and the majority of our other products is pine.

We have access to high quality, slow grown pine that matures on flat sandy ground. This slow grown fir has a rich content of heartwood.

The logs are always felled during the winter period.

With future generations in maind we are proud of the fact that our factories have sponsored the planting of 20 acres of new forest.

When the logs arrive at the factory they are de-barked and rough cut and placed in the drying kilns where they are dried to 18 - 20% relative humidity. They are then ready for use in production.

Clients who order hand produced or machine made buildings are invited to visit the factory to inspect their order. The construction is then dismantled, with each numbered, and packed ready for transportation.

Clients who order prefabricated buildings are also welcome to visit the plant and inspect the production if they so wish.